Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sometimes Good Parenting Leads To Neglect

It's been.....4 months?...since my last post, I think? Well unto no fault of my own. For a month, I couldn't access my blog. Add another 3 months, because my computer took a huge dump. And a couple weeks, because I've had writer's block. *throws hands in the air* Whatever.

But I've been documenting through photos and this has led me to why good parenting can lead to neglect. And I don't mean neglecting my children. Oh gosh, never them. Well, they might have a dirty face for the afternoon... Or sometimes go the whole day without being dressed...

But that's a whole other post. I'm talking about HOUSEWORK! You know, the other half of your "job" that you need to accomplish before your husband gets home. The dreaded pile of laundry that you've shoved into your closet in 3 baskets, so hubby doesn't think it went undone. But, alas, the next morning, he's looking for his work shirt and it's sitting in a basket....wrinkled.

The kitchen...
Dishes are undone, floors have sticky fruit juice on them, last night's dinner just MIGHT have been left out because you were too tired to put it away at 10PM.

The living room...
I think the mess says it. This isn't the worst it's been. There's usually toys that puncture the soles of my feet or trip me. But it looks more like they wanted to read and have pillow fights today.

Their room....
Sheets stripped from the bed, toys under the bed, laundry, oh and I have the music on for them at night, which was on full blast at 7:30 this morning. Again, this is NOT the worst it's been. I've recycled a lot of toys and donated for my own sanity.

I do not have a large circle of friends for two reasons 1)My house is a mess 95% of the time and the kids run around in underwear just as much. 2) BECAUSE of this, I must be judged by the lying "supermoms" that say they can parent 3 kids without their house or their kids being a mess. They either have a maid or a nanny. Two of which I cannot afford.

But because I am fortunate enough to be home with them, I co-sleep and breastfeed on demand,

I get to enjoy watching them play and read together
I get to be silly with them

So, even though I get frustrated, because the older two are fighting while I'm feeding a sleeping baby or because the house isn't clean...

I know I'm a good mom. The dishes and piled up clothes can wait. I have a book to read and an alien emperor to vanquish with my son.

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