Friday, January 13, 2012

Bringing Breastfeeding Back To "The Street"

Well, it seems to be a success, as author of Boobie Time blog, Lani Michelle is the center of production. She plays a vital and proactive role in RE-normalizing nursing in public and nursing on television. The daunting question seems to be "what the heck happened between 1988 and the 1990's to make Sesame Street stop airing their beautiful breastfeeding shots and segments? My LOGIC on the subject brings me to this conclusion.

As decades passed, as a culture, we became less modest, and more of a sexualized people, in that, we showed less clothing in everyday attire and made it a point to eccentuate our bosoms by wearing pushup bras. All of this, while wearing short shorts and a pear of pump heels. Who wouldn't want to grab THOSE boobies?

After we became desensitized to the fact that, yes, boobies are sextoys, once we saw a woman feeding her baby with her breast, we gasped, out of fear, out of anger and confusion.... But breasts are for... for SEX! How DARE you! We're trying to eat, and I have to look over at your sexy breast in your child's mouth?

No, people. Breasts are for nourishing a child, not to shove in guys' faces. The truth is, a nursing mother doesn't even WANT to be noticed if she's feeding in public. That's the point of it. It's an everyday, all day occurence and it happens to be a part of life for mom and baby. Not some display. We're trying to show people that it's not a bad thing.

We want equality! We want to be considered people, not pedifiles or criminals, arrested for indecent exposure or sexual deviants, who just want to show our breasts. A majority of nursing mothers don't show enough to even be able to tell she's feeding her baby.

The only reason I can come up with, that people are "grossed out" or offended and outraged is, because they were brought up differently, taught that breasts are sexual, or had trouble breastfeeding in the past and are angry. Having trouble breastfeeding doesn't apply to everybody that has a problem with NIP, it's just an observation of what I've seen in the past.(just saying)

Thing is, we just need to agree to disagree on this and move on. If you don't like it, look away and move on. I haven't heard of many gay couples being stopped from kissing in a public place because the person believes it was wrong, and that's supposedly(according to people of faith) against the bible. So don't bother us from feeding and nourishing our babies in the best way possible that we see fit.

Sesame Street is a gateway to normalizing breastfeeding, instead of having stigma against it because people have sexual hangups. Let's do this, ladies!

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