Saturday, June 15, 2013

Naturo-Mommy's WAHM Product Review Featuring: Roberta's Boutique(on Etsy)

I sincerely apologize that I have neglected my blog, for those of you that look forward to reading it. Life has been crazy busy lately. Anyway. Onto the review of this lovely mama's product!

Roberta's Boutique has a cute and quaint feel. I was sent her children's matching card set, and a laminated activity booklet with a cleaning cloth that can be reused and not easily damaged. My kids had lots of fun with it, using Expo markers.

I wasn't able to get adequate pictures of them in action because my camera is out of commission until I can afford a new one. I did happen to get these pictures on my webcam though!

Laminated activity booklet with cleaning cloth

Two card matching sets
 We are loving these matching card sets! My 3 year old just can't get over the "Children Playing" set. She loves seeing the diversity in ethnicity and describing what they are doing in the pictures. My 6 year old has even set them up in story form to tell different parts of a story with each picture!

Children Playing Matching Game
I don't know if you can see or not, but this "Colors" matching set says the colors in both English, Spanish and French! Accomplishing 3 goals at once. Teaching them their colors, teaching them another language, and helping them improve their grouping and matching skills.

Colors Matching Game
These sets are very valuable while on trips. The activity booklet will keep an older child (about 4-6 years old) busy and quiet and the matching sets are great for table games in a motel room instead of dragging tons of toys with you on a trip.

Overall rating: Very creative. Almost indestructible, unless you take scissors to them. lol Very portable. They can fit just about anywhere. The cards are smaller than a regular deck of playing cards and the activity booklet is small enough to slip into a tiny space for storage. This product get an A+

Be sure to visit Roberta's Boutique on Etsy!

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