Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Very First WAHM Product Review: Paperless Coloring Book!

We are proud to announce that we are launching a monthly Work At Home Mom product review. If you have items you repurpose or make to sell, please send Naturo-Mommy one to try so we can give you a good review and you build your reputation!

For our first product review, we are featuring Nix the Paper's pocket sized paperless coloring book specially made to save paper and save your walls from being colored on when the kiddos run out of paper to color on. *thumbs up!* If you go to their website or Facebook page, you can see the selection of fabrics you can choose from for your coloring book. I chose this awesome rockstar fabric. These coloring books also come in a standard coloring book size, for a fair price!

Okay, so this is the beautiful book that was sent to Naturo-Mommy owner. It has a snap clasp to keep it closed and an elastic strip for easy and convenient carrying.

This size comes with 3 oil pastel crayons that come out of fabric and off of walls with an easy wipe, if your child gets more "creative." It also comes with a surged square of terry to wipe the pages clean once you or your child are ready to start over on the pages.

The pages are made out of chalkboard fabric, that is surged to prevent fraying. This book comes with three pages. The larger size comes with more pages and more crayons. You can see how clean and wonderfully the crayons draw onto the fabric.

Wiping down the fabric with the terry....

Perfectly clean! Good as new! You can see on the left side of the book it has a fabric pocket to hold the crayons and cleaning cloth for safe keeping as well.

My daughter is 3 and absolutely LOVED this book! When I tried it out, she was extremely jealous that I was coloring and not her. She loved that she could start over whenever she wanted with a quick wipe of the terry cloth. (you can see my son's hand coming into the picture. He wanted that crayon!)

 Loving drawing with this new book!

I think we have a satisfied "customer" on our hands. 

Conclusion: Overall, this product is well thought out, cute and fun. I was happy with how easily it could be cleaned with the cloth. It IS machine washable if absolutely needed. It is not recommended to continuously machine wash it, as it won't last as long. I ordered one for my 2 year-old niece for a stocking stuffer at xmas and she's in love with it!

Please check out Nix The Paper's other products on their website and Facebook page! I can guarantee satisfaction.

For more information on being featured in our monthly review, please email us at naturo_mommy2@yahoo.com or message us on our Facebook Page!

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